Connecting the world through a global network

As one of the top shipping and logistics companies in Dubai, we take advantage of a wide network to provide your company with efficient supply chain solutions that help you to grow.

The GFX group is composed of seasoned logistics and project experts who have handled a wide range of international projects. The ability to manage projects and freight everywhere is ensured by our experience, knowledge, and well-connected network of operations. Get in touch with us right away to take advantage of our great network and our cost-effective logistics and transportation services.

GFX aims to be an integrated and seamless extension of your business, providing in-depth experience and knowledge to improve supply chain efficiency. This is accomplished by having brand-new, cutting-edge logistic facilities in a single location. Our company and ethics are driven by excellent quality and efficient services and solutions. At GFX, we are flexible and innovative and constantly go above and beyond to guarantee that what we provide is what our customers need and fulfills all of their project requirements.

Freight destinations on K3 Network

  • PNR
  • POG
  • DLA
  • LAD
  • KGL
  • BZV
  • PHC
  • LBU
  • KUL
  • BPN
  • BWN
  • BKK
  • SZB
  • CGK

Global Offices

  • Nigeria
  • Senegal
  • Tchad
  • Kenya
  • Bangladesh
  • Hongkong
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